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Innovative Solutions for Operational Excellence

Enhancing mining operations with AI-driven solutions that streamline processes, improve productivity, profitability, safety while promoting environmental sustainability.

ESG Water Truck Management Solution with Open Loop Energy

Mining operations face challenges with efficient water distribution, leading to increased costs and environmental impact. Our solution offers intuitive dashboards and automated optimization, providing real-time insights into water truck activities. This ensures efficient water usage, enhances dust control, and promotes sustainable mining practices.

  • Water Truck Route Automation Enhance efficiency, optimize resource usage
  • Cost Management Analysis Track expenditures, maintain budget control
  • Water Consumption Monitoring Reduce resource usage, protect the environment

Stockpile Management & Modeling

Unpredictable stockpile conditions can disrupt material blending and processing flow. Our system streamlines stockpile management, ensuring optimal material blend and consistent processing feed, aligning with mining plans for efficient production.

  • Stockpile Tracking Ensures accurate inventory levels and allocations
  • Stockpile Planning Aligns stockpiles with production schedules
  • Inventory Management Maintains material quality and supply consistency

Copper Heap Leach Production Integrated Solution with Plan + Act HL + Finance

In heap leach mining, lack of precise planning and modeling tools can lead to inefficiencies, higher operational costs, and missed production targets.'s integrated solutions streamline heap leach mining by offering precise planning, modeling, and financial analysis. This boosts efficiency, lowers costs, and enhances profitability through improved process management and data-driven decision-making.

  • Precision Planning Streamlines operations with targeted planning tools
  • Advanced Modeling Enhances forecasts and operational strategies
  • Financial Integration Drives profitability with cost-effective analysis

ESG Carbon Footprint Analysis vs. Fuel Consumption in Fleets

Managing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions in fleet operations is critical for cost reduction and environmental responsibility. The solution enables detailed tracking of fuel use and emissions, guiding fleets towards optimized efficiency and sustainability, thus supporting ESG compliance

  • Emissions Tracking Monitors CO2 output for environmental compliance
  • Fuel Efficiency Analysis Identifies savings in fleet operations
  • Sustainability Reporting Supports ESG goals with actionable data

Predictive Short Term Planning and Grade Control in Gold Operations with Mine Foresight

Gold mining companies often encounter difficulties in metal accounting and financial risk due to delayed and inaccurate blasthole sampling analysis, leading to inefficiencies in production forecasting. Airth Mine Foresight utilizes machine learning for quick and precise metal accounting, enabling timely and accurate decision-making, reducing financial risk, and improving overall operational efficiency.

  • Rapid Sampling Analysis Accelerates metal accounting for enhanced production planning
  • Machine Learning Integration Provides accurate forecasting to mitigate financial risk
  • Operational Efficiency Optimizes gold recovery processes through data-driven decisions

Material Routing Analysis for Fleet Management

Efficient material routing is critical for streamlined mining operations, cost reduction, and increased productivity. Our Material Routing Analysis for Fleet Management solution integrates cutting-edge technology to optimize the movement of materials, ensuring that the right resources are at the right place at the right time. With real-time tracking and advanced analytics, our system enhances fleet management and drives operational success. 

  • Route Analytics and Reporting Provides insights into route efficiencies and bottlenecks
  • Operational Progress Tracking Understand material movement and equipment utilization
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