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General Questions

Implementation times vary, but at, we're dedicated to streamlining this process. Leveraging our suite of solutions, including Airth Plan, Airth Finance, Airth Connect, Airth Act, and Airth Aether, we utilize vendor-agnostic, productized solutions to significantly reduce implementation times. Our approach emphasizes drag-and-drop functionality, auditable and traceable data connectivity, and a focus on easy integration, aiming to get your operations up and running with our advanced analytics and machine learning tools as efficiently as possible.

We require minimal resources from our clients, thanks to our effective use of remote working and comprehensive support across our solutions. We collaborate closely with your team and utilize your data to tailor our services, from strategic mine scheduling with Airth Plan to financial modeling in Airth Finance and operational insights through Airth Connect and Airth Act. Our goal is to make the process as streamlined as possible, minimizing your time commitment while maximizing the value we deliver.

Our solutions are designed to work seamlessly with all major mine planning products, including Hexagon MinePlan, Maptek, Deswik, Datamine, and Netcad.’s ecosystem, particularly Airth Connect, facilitates easy integration with these platforms, enhancing data visualization and operational insights. If you're using a product not listed here, we're eager to explore integration possibilities to leverage's full potential with your specific tools. is compatible with all major Fleet Management Systems (FMS) and Dispatch Fleet Management Systems (DFMS), including Minestar, Wenco, Hexagon Operate (Jigsaw), and Modular. Our Airth Act and Airth Connect solutions enhance this compatibility by providing predictive analytics and real-time operational insights, making fleet management more efficient and data-driven.

Absolutely. Airth Finance is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing Excel-based financial models. It converts them into auditable, data-driven, cloud-based financial and valuation models, enhancing transparency, accuracy, and the ability to perform complex financial scenario analyses with ease.

Yes, our expertise in mineral processing is profound. With’s solutions, especially Airth Connect for data integration and visualization, and Airth Act for predictive analytics, we can work with various data sets, including historian data. We help show correlations, reconciliation, and the overall business impact, driving efficiency and optimizing mineral processing operations.

Airth Plan

Airth Plan is uniquely designed to enhance mining operations by providing reliable reserves and value-driven schedules that align with your production targets. Unlike traditional scheduling tools, Airth Plan leverages ultimate pit and phase boundaries along with the time value of money for pit optimization, and optimizes block extraction sequences to ensure operational efficiency and cost savings. Its ability to set specific project objectives and analyze multiple scenarios ensures that operations can maximize net present value (NPV) or minimize haul hours based on their strategic goals.

Yes, with Airth Plan, you can set material and tonnage limitations for mill feed and destination capacities, as well as recoveries and potential revenue factors to guide material routing. This allows for precise determination of grade cutoffs based on your project objectives, ensuring that production targets are not only set but achieved with optimal efficiency.

Airth Plan incorporates haulage modeling alongside the scheduling process to provide a clearer understanding of operational achievability. It applies detailed operational cost analysis to the schedule, enabling you to optimize block extraction sequences and minimize haul hours. This approach ensures that you can achieve your operational targets while effectively managing and reducing operational costs.

Absolutely. Airth Plan's multi-scenario capability allows for efficient batch scenario analysis, enabling you to easily test different operational strategies and respond to changes in market conditions. This feature facilitates comprehensive scenario analysis to understand sensitivities and achieve operational cost savings, making it a highly adaptable tool for dynamic mining environments.

Through its smart stockpile blending feature, Airth Plan ensures the creation of constant feeds that improve process recoveries. By optimizing material routing and blending strategies, it enhances the overall efficiency of mineral processing operations, leading to improved recovery rates and potential revenue increases.

Airth Connect

Airth Connect excels in connecting, collecting, and correlating data across planning, operations, and processing to ensure data integrity and clarity. This comprehensive approach provides a holistic view of mining operations, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions based on accurate and actionable insights. The platform's advanced data integration capabilities eliminate silos and ensure that all data points are accurately aligned and interpreted.

The platform offers detailed insights into material movement, equipment utilization, and operator productivity. It visualizes equipment performance in near real-time, allowing for proactive maintenance and optimization. This level of insight supports operational progress by highlighting areas for improvement and opportunities to increase productivity and reduce operational costs.

Yes, Airth Connect tracks carbon emissions from mobile and fixed equipment against planned levels, offering a clear view of environmental impact. It also summarizes fuel consumption and associated costs, aligning with ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) goals by providing essential data to manage and reduce emissions and fuel-related expenses effectively.

By providing real-time diagnostics and displaying equipment wear over time, Airth Connect enables a proactive approach to maintenance. This capability allows mining operations to anticipate maintenance needs, reduce equipment downtime, and extend the lifespan of critical assets, leading to cost savings and enhanced operational efficiency.

The platform ensures a detailed understanding of material routing in and out of stockpiles, maintaining proper material balance. This feature aids in optimizing stockpile management, ensuring that material handling is aligned with operational plans and targets, thereby improving overall efficiency and reducing waste.

Airth Connect's user-friendly, web-based interface allows for easy and immediate viewing of plan changes, serving as a reliable source of truth for operational planning. It ensures that all stakeholders understand planning targets and can quickly adapt to changes, thereby enhancing agility and alignment with strategic goals.

The platform provides comprehensive visibility into processing circuit performance and deliveries, including metrics like tonnes, grade, and other key performance indicators (KPIs). This visibility enables operations to monitor and optimize processing efficiency, leading to improved throughput and profitability.

Airth Act - Heap Leach Recovery Modeling

Airth Act Heap Leach Recovery Modeling is an advanced solution that enhances financial forecasting and budgeting for mining operations. It connects to mine planning and metallurgical data to generate and compare different recovery scenarios. By leveraging machine learning for model calibration, it provides accurate and actionable insights, allowing mining companies to optimize operations for improved financial outcomes.

The solution agnostically connects to mine planning and metallurgical data, covering critical factors such as K factor, scale-up factor, and inventory calculations. It utilizes empirical formulas and assumptions, including Column leach, IBRT, PSD test, and Percolation results, to influence the model, ensuring comprehensive and accurate recovery scenario analysis.

Heap Leach Recovery Modeling enables the generation and comparison of different recovery scenarios based on mine scheduling or process alternatives. It categorizes scenario types for budget or forecast purposes, providing an action/approval option to enhance decision-making and operational efficiency.

The solution includes a metallurgical data analysis tool that evaluates production and leverages machine learning to calibrate model parameters based on historical leaching performance. This allows for the visualization and evaluation of calibration history and associated deviations, ensuring the model's accuracy and reliability.

It offers robust auditability features, enabling quick charting of any scenario inputs and calculations for all-in-one validation. This improves modeling confidence by ensuring that stakeholders can trust the accuracy and completeness of the model's output.

The solution allows all stakeholders to view approved scenario’s actual, budgeted, and forecasted metal production figures, including inventory tracking with extracted and pour values. This comprehensive reporting capability ensures transparency and aids in effective decision-making.

Airth provides extensive technical support for the solution, assisting in analyzing and identifying data discrepancies and model results. This ensures seamless integration with existing systems and continuous improvement in modeling accuracy and operational optimization.

Airth Act - Mine Foresight

Airth Act Mine Foresight is an innovative solution that uses machine learning to predict production model results ahead of traditional blasthole sampling analysis. By analyzing historically backed grade qualities and evaluating ore waste boundaries, it offers more representative operational sampling results for improved planning. This predictive capability enables mining companies to optimize operations, reduce risk, and enhance decision-making for better operational outcomes.

The solution connects to resource and ore control models to start a machine learning evaluation, analyzing historically backed grade qualities for benches below the active ore control bench. This approach provides predictions on production model results and ore waste boundaries, facilitating improved blast designs and more accurate planning, ultimately leading to reduced operational risks and enhanced efficiency.

Yes, by predicting contact adjustments and evaluating ore waste boundaries with more resolution than the resource model, Mine Foresight can significantly improve blast designs. This leads to more effective ore/waste separation, optimizing resource extraction and minimizing waste, thereby increasing operational efficiency and profitability.

Mine Foresight evaluates the performance of the resource model in comparison to the production model, identifying areas that may require re-evaluation. This process ensures that the resource model accurately reflects operational realities, enhancing the reliability of planning and forecasting activities.

The solution uses model heat mapping to identify areas of uncertainty within the mining operation, allowing for a more balanced approach to shovel planning by considering areas of varying confidence. This strategic approach to risk assessment minimizes operational risks and ensures more efficient resource allocation and utilization.

By providing predictions on production model results and identifying areas of uncertainty with heat mapping, Mine Foresight enables more accurate and efficient decision-making. This forward-looking insight allows mining companies to proactively adjust their operational strategies, optimizing resource extraction, reducing risks, and improving overall outcomes.

Mine Foresight's ability to predict production outcomes ahead of traditional methods and its detailed analysis of operational data make it an invaluable tool for mining companies. It drives value by enhancing operational efficiency, reducing risks, and providing a solid basis for informed decision-making, making it an essential asset for any mining operation looking to stay ahead in the competitive industry.

Airth Finance

Airth Finance seamlessly ties your mining operation's planning and results with the financial model by allowing you to add, import, or directly connect mine plan data or production physicals. This integration forms the basis for scenario-based financial modeling, enabling you to make informed decisions by understanding the financial implications of operational activities.

Absolutely. Airth Finance is designed to handle varying metal prices, exchange rates, royalties, and tax assumptions. It allows for the creation of Base, spot, and consensus pricing models to reflect real-world conditions accurately. This capability ensures that mining companies can adjust their financial planning and forecasting to align with current market conditions, making more informed decisions to drive financial success.

Airth Finance builds detailed financial statements that offer deep insights into cash flow, income, and balance sheets. It also evaluates critical valuation metrics such as Net Present Value (NPV) with varying discounts, Internal Rate of Return (IRR), All-In Sustaining Cost (AISC), Free Cash Flow (FCF), and payback period. These insights allow mining companies to thoroughly assess their financial performance and pinpoint areas for improvement.

With its configurable dashboards, Airth Finance displays key metrics for decision-making, including metal production, process feed, costs, and cash flow, based on real-time data. This feature ensures that decision-makers have accurate, up-to-date information at their fingertips, allowing for strategic planning and operational adjustments to drive better financial outcomes.

Airth Finance enhances the reliability of financial modeling and analysis by providing a detailed view of financial modeling inputs and calculations. This auditability ensures that all financial projections and analyses are accurate and based on realistic operational data and assumptions, making it easier for mining companies to trust the insights provided by the tool.

The tool enables companies to build financial snapshots for different planning scenarios and vary economic assumptions to run market sensitivities. This capability is crucial for evaluating how changes in market conditions or operational strategies could impact financial performance, allowing companies to prepare and adapt to potential future scenarios.

Airth Aether

Airth Aether is an interactive spatial environment designed to enhance the integration of all solutions within our ecosystem, providing a visual representation of the mine value chain data in near real-time. It offers tools for navigating, filtering information, querying data elements, and designing/measuring, as well as capturing the time series of planning and operational events. This solution strengthens operational understanding and decision-making by visually representing complex data.

Airth Aether provides a dynamic and interactive platform that allows users to visually navigate through different aspects of the mine operation. With features to design, measure, and query data elements, users can gain insights into haul truck movements, material handling from shovel locations to their destinations, and other critical operational activities, enhancing the understanding of mine operations in near real-time.

Key features of Airth Aether include its ability to:

  • Provide a comprehensive spatial visualization of the mine value chain.
  • Navigate and filter through mine operation information efficiently.
  • Query specific data elements for detailed analysis.
  • Design and measure operational elements within the spatial environment.
  • Capture and review the time series of planning and operational events, facilitating better planning and operational adjustments.

Yes, Airth Aether is specifically designed to strengthen the integration between all solutions within the ecosystem. It serves as a central platform for visualizing and interacting with data across different solutions, ensuring a seamless flow of information and enabling users to gain a holistic view of mine operations.

By providing a near real-time visual representation of mine operations and the ability to interact with and analyze data, Airth Aether helps mining companies to quickly identify areas of improvement, plan more effectively, and make informed decisions. This contributes to enhanced operational efficiency, reduced costs, and optimized production output.

Airth Aether is designed with a user-friendly interface to ensure accessibility for users with varying levels of technical expertise. Its interactive spatial environment and intuitive tools for data navigation, querying, and analysis make it easy for all users to derive valuable insights from complex data.