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airth.io: Pioneering the Landscape of Intelligent Mining. Forging the future with AI, we harness the pulse of the planet to optimize the mining value chain, ushering in a new era of data-driven earth industries.

By offering clear and actionable data, airth.io is at the forefront of maximizing mine value chain efficiency. The motto, ‘AI Powered Mining: unearth the potential with airth.io’ , underlines a commitment to advancing a smarter, safer, and more efficient future in the mining industry.




By Product

Airth Plan

Our Strategic Mine Scheduling solution offers numerous benefits that enable efficient and effective mining operations. It is designed to provide reliable reserves and value-driven mine schedules that align with production targets.
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Airth Connect

Airth Connect is a comprehensive data platform that offers holistic operational insight to mining operations. It seamlessly connects, collects, and correlates planning, operational, and processing data, providing valuable and actionable insights.

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Airth Act

Airth Act is a powerful solution that utilizes advanced analytics and machine learning to drive improvements in mining operations through data-driven predictions and recommendations.
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Airth Finance

Airth Finance is a powerful tool that helps mining companies tie their planning and operational results to the financial model. By extracting the dollar out of the data, the solution enables mining companies to make more informed decisions that drive financial success.

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Airth Manage

Gain operational agility over your operation, by closing the information gap between real-time production and short-term plans.
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Airth Aether

Airth Aether is an interactive spatial environment that is used to strengthen the integration between all our solutions within the ecosystem and provide visual representation of mine value chain data in near real-time. In addition, there is several tools to navigate, filter information, query data elements, design/measure, and capture the time series of planning and operation events.

This limited demonstration shows haul trucks moving material from different shovel locations to their assigned destination.

  • Home

    Use the home option to recenter the viewer if need.
  • Navigation

    Use the rotation bar or hold ctrl and left click on mouse to spin the map in various directions. Use left click on the mouse to pan. Use scroll wheel on the mouse or +/- to zoom in/out.
  • Query

    Use the rotation bar or hold ctrl and left click on mouse to spin the map in various directions.Use left click on the mouse to pan.Use scroll wheel on the mouse or +/- to zoom in/out.
  • Follow

    Once a truck is selected in the query window, click the camera to follow along haul route.
  • Timeline

    Use the timeline option to pause, speedup, slowdown, reverse or select a specific time of events.

By Value Chain Solutions

airth.io offers a comprehensive value chain solution for heap leach mining, consisting of three products: Airth Plan, Airth Heap Leach Modeling Module, and Airth Finance.

Airth Act Mine Foresight module helps mining companies to improve their metal accounting and reduce financial risk by leveraging machine learning techniques to predict production results ahead of blasthole sampling analysis.

airth.io offers a comprehensive mine value-chain solution with the Schedule and Valuate suite, which combines Airth Plan and Airth Finance for iterative enterprise-level optimization.

Proper stockpile management is key to delivering the processing facility the right blend of material and helps to ensure a constant feed when unexpected events occur.

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