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Our Strategic Mine Scheduling solution offers numerous benefits that enable efficient and effective mining operations. It is designed to provide reliable reserves and value-driven mine schedules that align with production targets.

Our tool utilizes ultimate pit and phase boundaries and leverages the time value of money to generate pit optimization. Additionally, it optimizes block extraction sequence based on operational targets, ensuring maximum productivity and cost savings.

With the ability to set project objectives, such as maximizing net present value or minimizing haul hours, and limitations on material and tonnage for mill feed and destination capacities, our solution facilitates comprehensive scenario analysis to understand sensitivities and achieve operational cost savings.

Our solution is easy to use and allows for efficient batch scenario analysis. With its advanced capabilities, our Strategic Mine Scheduling solution offers unparalleled benefits for mining operations.


  • Apply ultimate pit and phase boundaries to guide schedule optimizations
  • Leverage the schedule and time value of money to generate pit optimization


  • Set material and tonnage limitations for mill feed and destination capacities
  • Set recoveries and potential revenue factors to guide material routing
  • Determine grade cutoffs based on project objectives


  • Model haulage along with a schedule to better understand operational achievability
  • Apply and understand operational cost with result to the schedule


  • Set project objectives to maximize NPV or minimize haul hours
  • Optimize block extraction sequence to create a schedule that follows operational targets


  • Use smart stockpile blending to create constant feeds that improve process recoveries


  • Batch schedule scenarios easily to understand sensitivities

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