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Value Chain Solution

Schedule and Valuate

Airth.io offers a comprehensive mine value-chain solution with the Schedule and Valuate suite, which combines Airth Plan and Airth Finance for iterative enterprise-level optimization.

With the power of Airth S3 Engine, this solution provides mine planners and financial modelers with an easy-to-use platform to integrate and visualize production physicals, apply economic assumptions, build financial models, and evaluate valuation metrics to improve decision-making. The solution enables you to understand the financial impact of planning and actual operations and swiftly make informed decisions that drive business value

  • Minimize cost and maximize project value with iterative mine planning and financial optimization.
  • Build valuation scenarios starting from the mine plan to the financial analysis to better understand risk and uncertainty of a project.
  • Determine the overall viability of a mining project and potential alternatives quickly with minimal effort.
  • Establish confident reserves and drive the right investment decisions.

Products involved in this solution

Airth Plan

Our Strategic Mine Scheduling solution offers numerous benefits that enable efficient and effective mining operations. It is designed to provide reliable reserves and value-driven mine schedules that align with production targets.

Airth Finance

Airth Finance is a powerful tool that helps mining companies tie their planning and operational results to the financial model. By extracting the dollar out of the data, the solution enables mining companies to make more informed decisions that drive financial success.

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