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Value Chain Solution

Mine Foresight

Airth Act Mine Foresight module helps mining companies to improve their metal accounting and reduce financial risk by leveraging machine learning techniques to predict production results ahead of blasthole sampling analysis.

With Airth Act Mine Foresight, mining companies can reduce reconciliation time, improve forecast accuracy, and ensure that their metal accounting is accurate and up-to-date. By optimizing production and minimizing financial risk, Airth Act Mine Foresight provides mining companies with a powerful tool for driving business value.

  • Enhances reconciliation accuracy and reduces manual errors
  • Supports real-time ore reconciliation and grade control
  • Improves decision-making and reduces operational costs
  • Offers a flexible and user-friendly platform for ore reconciliation and grade control

Products involved in this solution

Airth Act

Airth Act is a powerful solution that utilizes advanced analytics and machine learning to drive improvements in mining operations through data-driven predictions and recommendations.

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