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Our Objective

  • Unlock the Power of Data-Driven Mining
  • Reveal the Financial Impact of Operational Changes
  • Connect Planning to Reality and Measure the Difference
  • Transform Mining Operations with Data-Driven & Al- Powered Solutions
  • Transforming Data into Financial Impact
  • Harness the Power of Vendor and Data Agnostic Enterprise Workflow



By Product

Airth Plan

Our Strategic Mine Scheduling solution offers numerous benefits that enable efficient and effective mining operations. It is designed to provide reliable reserves and value-driven mine schedules that align with production targets.

Airth Connect

Airth Connect is a comprehensive data platform that offers holistic operational insight to mining operations. It seamlessly connects, collects, and correlates planning, operational, and processing data, providing valuable and actionable insights.

Airth Act

Airth Act is a powerful solution that utilizes advanced analytics and machine learning to drive improvements in mining operations through data-driven predictions and recommendations.

Airth Finance

Airth Finance is a powerful tool that helps mining companies tie their planning and operational results to the financial model. By extracting the dollar out of the data, the solution enables mining companies to make more informed decisions that drive financial success.

Airth Manage

Gain operational agility over your operation, by closing the information gap between real-time production and short-term plans.

By Value Chain Solution

Heap Leach Production (Plan,Act, Finance)

Airth offers a comprehensive value chain solution for heap leach mining, consisting of three products: Airth Plan, Airth Heap Leach Modeling Module, and Airth Finance.

Predictive Ore Reconciliation

Airth Act Predictive Ore Reconciliation module helps mining companies to improve their metal accounting and reduce financial risk by leveraging machine learning techniques to predict production results ahead of blasthole sampling analysis.

Schedule and Valuate (Plan,

Airth.io offers a comprehensive mine value-chain solution with the Schedule and Valuate suite, which combines Airth Plan and Airth Finance for iterative enterprise-level optimization.

Stockpile Management (Connect, Finance)

Proper stockpile management is key to delivering the processing facility the right blend of material and helps to ensure a constant feed when unexpected events occur.

Our Team

The Innovative Team Behind

Meet Our Team

Airth is a team of 35+ members with extensive expertise in different disciplines. Our head quarter is in Tucson, Arizona with team members in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Germany, Belgium and Turkey.

Founder, CEO&CIO

15 years of experience in Mine Optimization and Mining Technologies with a M.Sc in ETM and Mining Engineering. Before founding and becoming the CEO of Airth, Erman was a Global Manager at Hexagon Mining.

Chief Strategy Officer

Extensive experience in Mining Technologies with a M.Sc. in Mining Engineering; Erika was the Mine Technology Manager at Freeport-McMoRan Technology Center before joining to Airth.

Customer Success Manager

Mining solutions and technology engineer with 10 years experience in product development, product management, and customer services.
University adjunct instructor of open pit and underground mine design and planning.

Lead Technical and Business Advisor

Former VP of Datamine, Senior Director of Technology at Newmont, COO of Newtrax and Research Associate at CSM.

Mine Planning Advisor

+15 Years of Mine Planning Experience with companies like IAMGOLD, ArcelorMittal. Currently a COO at Arianne Phosphate.

Financial Modeling Advisor

Mining Engineer with experience in mine planning and financial modelling. Currently VP Project Development at Minera Alamos. Had been in roles such as Director Technical Services at Centerra Gold and VP Engineering at Aurvista Gold.

Geology & Grade Control Advisor

Geologist with experience on oxide&sulfidic gold ore, grade control optimization, geological modelling, data integration from resource to mill and reconciliation. Pursuing PhD on geological uncertainty characterization and quantification in resource models.

Operational Excellence Advisor

Alp is the Principal Advisor at Bora Consulting, boutique consulting firm specialized in operational excellence in mining & metals. His areas of expertise include operational excellence and asset management. Alp led the implementation of several technology and digital solutions in mining, such as digital worker, connected vehicle & ERP.

Machine Learning Advisor

PhD at UC Berkeley working at the intersection of AI, materials science, and high performance computing.

Data Engineering Advisor

Technology integrator with over 25 years in the mining industry with a passion for delivering BI that enables users to make sense of their data. Demonstrated experience in data mining, integration, and reporting particularly in the context of Mine Planning, Fleet Management Systems, machine health, and condition monitoring.

Strategic & Tailings Management Advisor

+15 years of combined experience in the finance and mining industry. Mining technology portfolio development, management and commercialization. Focused on new approaches to decarbonization in the mining industry using tailings to achieve Net-Zero.

Strategic & Geospatial Advisor

Ph.D. in geography and founder of Mapquest, one of the world’s original unicorns. Involved in multiple large scale IPO’s, M&A transactions.

Non-Executive Director

Extensive experience in Geology and Aerospace.

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