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Value Chain Solution

Heap Leach Production

airth.io offers a comprehensive value chain solution for heap leach mining, consisting of three products: Airth Plan, Airth Heap Leach Modeling Module, and Airth Finance.

This solution enables miners to optimize their operations and maximize production by providing accurate planning, production modeling, financial analysis, and scenario planning capabilities. With airth.io, miners can achieve greater efficiency, cost savings, and profitability in their heap leach operations.

  • Provides accurate and comprehensive modeling of heap leach processes
  • Supports scenario-based analysis for informed decision-making
  • Enhances process optimization and reduces operational costs
  • Offers insights into key heap leach metrics such as recovery, costs, and production

Products involved in this solution

Airth Plan

Our Strategic Mine Scheduling solution offers numerous benefits that enable efficient and effective mining operations. It is designed to provide reliable reserves and value-driven mine schedules that align with production targets.

Airth Act

Airth Act is a powerful solution that utilizes advanced analytics and machine learning to drive improvements in mining operations through data-driven predictions and recommendations.

Airth Finance

Airth Finance is a powerful tool that helps mining companies tie their planning and operational results to the financial model. By extracting the dollar out of the data, the solution enables mining companies to make more informed decisions that drive financial success.

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