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airth-admin 28 April, 2023

Digital Transformation in Metals Industry

Digital transformation is revolutionizing the metals and mining industries. These changes may be progressing slowly, but regardless, companies in the sector must create a long-term digital plan. How is digitization changing the metals and mining industry? Digitalization is profoundly affecting the following areas in the mining and metals sector: 1) Flexibility Companies in the steel […]

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airth-admin 26 April, 2023

Financial Modeling Software

Financial modeling software is a technology that enables multidimensional modeling.  These software applications automate model updates with new financial data and help facilitate collaboration between teams and strategic partners in the financial modeling process. They are used to create and manage financial models, automate accounts, and simulate and analyze different financial scenarios. Let’s take a […]

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airth-admin 18 April, 2023

How Digitalization Helps With Life of Mine Practices

The mining industry is undergoing massive changes as a result of the rise of digitalization. Technological advancements in the Life of Mine sector are paving the way for more eco-friendly and long-lasting mining practices. In this primer, we’ll delve into the ways in which digitization is improving the various aspects of the Life of Mine […]

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airth-admin 11 April, 2023

Software Technologies for the Mining Industry

As in almost every aspect of life and business, the development of digital technologies is leading to significant changes in the mining industry. There are many advantages to new software technologies in the mining sector that can outperform traditional methods. These technologies can quickly respond to different needs and provide a significant advantage to increase […]

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airth-admin 06 April, 2023

Mining Industry of Zambia

1. Introduction Zambia, a landlocked country situated in southern Africa, is widely recognized for its abundant mineral resources. The mining industry Is a critical contributor to the country's economy, constituting a significant proportion of the gross domestic product (GDP) and export earnings. This report provides an overview of the mining industry in Zambia, with a [...]

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airth-admin 06 April, 2023

Mining Industry of Ukraine

ABSTRACT The mining industry 1n Ukraine has played a significant role in the country's economy Over the years. This report provides an overview of the industry, with a focus on the current state of the industry, the types of minerals mined in Ukraine. The report also examines the environmental and social impacts of mining, the [...]

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